Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A big leap

My little family have has a big decision to make. We have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime, to relocate to Los Angeles. Although it could be very easy to jump very quickly into this and make the decision based purely on the huge monetary benefit this would be to our future but that will not be the case.

Damian is over in the US at the moment but once he returns it will be all systems go in terms of talking this through and coming to a decision. At this stage I am thinking that our family is strong enough to make this work and make the best of the opportunity. I am having fun if nothing else researching all the possibilities.

The biggest clincher at this stage is me actually going over there to check it all out so that will be next on the agenda. They will be paying for us to go over for a mini holiday to see if it is a place I would like to call home.

All very exciting and frightening at the same time...


Lesley said...

Wow how exciting Kate, would be a wonderful opportunity and it's good to do something like that before children start schooling. Good luck making your decision.

Kate said...

Thanks Lesley!

becanne said...

Huge decision - but just remeber how cheap quilting fabric is over there.....!
My brother, SIL and 3 kids are in the middle of a three year stint in Washington and are loving it. They have had lots of visitors from both families though, which has made a big difference.

By the way, I finally manage to make some bags using your pattern and love the way they turned out!

Those photos of your girls in the last few posts are amazing. You've done a fantastic job.

Kate said...

Thanks Bec! So glad you like how the bags turned out!

I tell ya my biggest worry will be shopping over there hehe watch the bank balance hey :)