Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my gorgeous husbands 30th Birthday! We had small celebration with family and friends on Sunday but my gift to him is a weekend away by ourselves to the same place that we spent our honeymoon, Huncy Hideaway.

This is such an exciting prospect for us as we have not been away as a couple for over 3 years now. Watch out for some pics in the next few weeks ;)

A trip to Slaughter Falls

We ventured out to Mt Cootha on Saturday up to Slaughter Falls. It was sooo lovely and had forgotten how nice it is to get out into nature. I took the camera of course :)

Here are a few pics of Chloe as Vannah was not in a photo mood :)



Summer Memory


More pics on my flickr stream

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the winner for the worst photo goes to...


And here is the proof:

And the winner for worst photo ever goes to...

The photo above is my attempt at getting a photo for Savannah's passoport. It was an absolute disaster. What they ask of an 18month old is just rediculous but hey. Looking at the camera, no smiling, mouth closed just one of those things is hard enough let along all of them. I have submitted their passports this morning so fingers crossed they get approved. I am so nervous!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More pics...

A few pics that I absolutly love of Chloe in her Pettiskirt that you would have seen in my last post...

Dancing Beauty {Explored #35}

and yet more petti FUN

And a few pics taken today with my new camera...



Home and on the same page

My husband arrived home from his work trip to LA today and I am sooo pleased to have him back as are the girls.

It was wonderful to have lovely cuddles and chats. It is also nice as we have been able to finally have an indepth chat about the move to the US and we are both on the same page about it. We are very excited and have decided we want to persue this and make it work. So next step is to organise for us all to go over and check it out for the final decision and to look around and find somewhere to live...

Oh and so excited my gorgeous husband bought me back an early mother day present. A new Canon EOS 50D DSLR and a 24-70mm 2.8 L series lens. I am in camera heaven :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A big leap

My little family have has a big decision to make. We have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime, to relocate to Los Angeles. Although it could be very easy to jump very quickly into this and make the decision based purely on the huge monetary benefit this would be to our future but that will not be the case.

Damian is over in the US at the moment but once he returns it will be all systems go in terms of talking this through and coming to a decision. At this stage I am thinking that our family is strong enough to make this work and make the best of the opportunity. I am having fun if nothing else researching all the possibilities.

The biggest clincher at this stage is me actually going over there to check it all out so that will be next on the agenda. They will be paying for us to go over for a mini holiday to see if it is a place I would like to call home.

All very exciting and frightening at the same time...

Lucky I left bread crumbs...

or I may just have never found my blog again :)

Been a long time since I last blogged and it sure has been busy around here.

I have been emursing myself in a new found love for photography and photo editing and finding this a great way to create and let that brain of mine to stay a ticking.

There are way too many pics to put up right now but will add a couple of my faves as well as link you to my flickr stream so you can check out some more. So here are a couple of recent pics:

Last one I swear :)


Pixie Vannah in a Sugary Field

Cheeky Bee



Ok I really could keep adding more but that will do for now!